Our approach is unique.
A consistently-applied Corporate Design is a mark of quality.

Corporate documents and presentations leave a lasting impression, especially in direct communication between staff and external partners. ZigWare provides companies with custom-built enhanced functions for Microsoft Office. These functions save a great deal of time and at the same time guarantee very high quality standards: Design guidelines and compliance rules are applied automatically and are always up-to-date. And users appreciate the many time-saving and helpful features.


ZigWare is the Pioneer and the Benchmark
in Document Creation Systems (DCS)


With ACT, ACTplus and BRANDIC, our range of products offers three approaches, each with its specific focus. Whether a SME or a large corporation, we can cover all your needs.


Document Creation Systems (DCS)

DCS – Guiding and supporting
Today, almost every company relies on MIcrosoft’s Office products. Office offers endless structuring and layout options. The DCS solution ensures that the visual connection to the company remains in place. The DSC solution frees the users to concentrate on content production.

DCS – Guaranteeing document quality 
The DCS functions move content into the foreground imn PowerPoint and Excel. DCS ensures that all corporate documents are up to date and that your corporate design is applied consistently. Professional presentations and Charts, clearly-structured documents and tables – thanks to DCS, these all become part of a strong and consistent corporate presence.

Our DCS solutions– As unique as your Brand
DCS provides advantages for all levels of user: from wizard-based document creation through to complex layouting requirements. The modular structure of the functionality range adapts exactly to your specific requirements. 

Day-to-day documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint are becoming increasingly important for any company, because a company’s presence is not simply based upon Annual Reports, but also upon the documents produced daily by staff.

For this reason, it is fundamentally important that key Corporate Design elements are correctly applied in these same documents – that corporate presentations and documents don’t have that “generic Office look”. There is also the unfortunate tendency that staff  to have their own opinions and to apply their interpretations of the Corporate Design. This often results in a great deal of wasted time working on layout and design of a document which ends up by simply not being up to the standard required by the Corporate Design.

You can’t solve this entirely by relying on static templates. So ZigWare has developed three solutions, in increasing levels of functionality: starting with the most fundamental (ACT), to the comfortable (ACTplus) through to the fully-individual solution which fulfills your every needs (BRANDIC) – all of which will perfectly apply your Corporate Design.