Our efficient standard solution –
Perfect corporate documents, as easy as never before.

The fully-fledged ACT solution – the “Advanced Corporate Template plus” – is our most recent solution and specifically addresses the demands of medium-sized companies with regards to Microsoft Office. ACTplus controls all company-specific functions centrally and leads the user smoothly and easily through the process of creating a perfect result. This avoids most mistakes entirely – and if a user does something wrong, ACTplus can correct the mistake automatically. The ACTplus solution consists of an installation package (depending upon the required configuration), which is distributed to the end-users’ machines. Once installed, the ribbon shows a new tab on the left. This “Corporate Tab” gives the user direct access to all company-specific functions. In addition, this ribbon also contains a range of regularly-used functions, so that the user will be able to complete most tasks without leaving the Corporate Tab.

ACTplus allows your staff to concentrate on content. ACTplus is based on Microsoft’s Add-in technology and is fully integrated into Microsoft Office. The users do not see ACTplus as separate software but as a company-specific enhancement of their familiar Office environment.

ACTplus is available for Word, PowerPoint and Excel from Microsoft Office version 2010 upward. We will happily send you an eDemo which demonstrates the range of ACTplus features in detail. You will see right away which types of functionality you need. We look forward to your contact!