Microsoft Office Templates – The solid foundation for every Office document

Of course we also create standard templates for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. 

We develop these templates based precisely on your specifications. We are careful to set up the templates so they are as easy as possible for the user to handle. The functionality of standard templates is limited, so we do not have the flexibility to lead the user through the process of creating and modifying documents that a Brandic solution would offer. But still – a well-built standard template which uses standard functionality  is still a worthwhile and valuable aid to the user and helps ensure consistent application of Corporate Design guidelines within the Microsoft Office range of applications.


Individual software development

Do you have very specific automation needs within the Microsoft Office product range? We have provided many clients with a wide range of customised solutions to help automate and simplify processes for their users.

Bring your issues to us – we will be happy to show you how to optimally automate your Office environment.
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The Advanced Corporate Template – bypass the main limitations of static templates.

Our basic product, which addresses a selection of Corporate design-relevant elements. As document templates under the newer versions of Microsoft Office (2007 upwards) can no longer accommodate all functionality required by many Corporate Designs, ACT provides a straightforward and easy to implement solution, which builds upon the features of a template and so is situated at the lower end of the scale of our product range. 

The ACT approach is a file which can be started by a mouse-click.

ACt completes the “Home” tab by adding a new group on the ribbon with the required functions. The ACT solution is made up of a template which is enhanced by specifically-programmed additional custom Corporate Design features. 

ACT is based on Microsoft’s Add-in technology and is fully integrated into Microsoft Office. The users do not see ACT as separate software but as a company-specific enhancement of their familiar Office environment.

ACT is available for PowerPoint and Excel for Microsoft Office 2007 upwards.

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