Brandic / ACTplus

Brandic / ACTplus

We shine the spotlight on your brand: Our well-established product Brandic (until 2018 also known as the standard solution ACTplus) provides enhanced functions for Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Excel and Word under Windows.

Brandic is a Microsoft Office extension specifically tailored to your individual needs and running on local workstations. Are you interested in a cloud solution? Then Brandic 365 is the right product for you.

The top 5 key features of the Brandic product series

Time & cost-saving

1. Time & cost-saving

Why distribute complicated guidelines to staff members, when corporate design rules can be automated instead? Brandic users save around ¾ of the time usually spent on the creation of Office documents. Countless work processes are streamlined and often entirely automated, reducing operating costs.

Strengthening brands

2. Strengthening brands

Regular members of staff should not act as art directors. Thanks to Brandic, your documents already contain the correct corporate design elements. Nothing is left to chance. All documents automatically follow the corporate design guidelines and represent your company professionally. As a result, the recognition value of your brands increases.


3. User-friendly

The vast majority of companies use Microsoft Office products on a daily basis. Brandic is fully integrated into the user interface of PowerPoint, Excel and Word and is therefore very user-friendly and familiar to all users. With Brandic, users can focus fully on their content and on applying their expertise. No time is lost on complex document formatting.

Individually adjustable

4. Individually adjustable

ZigWare’s solutions turn Microsoft standard products into individual working tools that are fully adjustable to your corporate design needs. Structured document creation processes and complex designs are no longer a challenge. The modular architecture of our products is individually customizable, which benefits everyone.

Best practice share

5. Best practice share

Users have access to relevant and commonly used content and visuals, such as statistics or org charts, across all locations and at all times. It has never been easier to share, standardize and consistently apply best practices all over your company.

Create correct documents with minimum effort

Brandic integrates all corporate CI/CD requirements seamlessly into Microsoft Office. Users automatically apply the correct design elements such as colors, fonts, diagrams, tables and more. Nobody wastes time looking up design specification details.

Marketing departments are happy, because their corporate identity is no longer diluted and weakened by inconsistent design application. If needed, selected users can easily roll out content updates. Brandic can help you avoid time-consuming and expensive IT update processes.

Using Brandic quickly pays off

With Brandic, your entire company benefits from consistently professional documents created with a minimum of effort. Costs for creation, maintenance and updates of document templates are reduced. Management benefits because Brandic streamlines all business areas and increases the quality of Office documents.

ZigWare has more than 20 years of expertise in document creation and template management. We are proud that countless well-known clients rely on our know-how and our product Brandic daily.

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