Brandic 365 as SaaS: This is what is in the cards

The well-established template software product Brandic by ZigWare remains consistently popular among clients and keeps up with the latest market trends. New and existing clients will soon benefit from an innovative cloud edition of our popular template management software: Brandic 365.

Brandic clients rely on the highest levels of functionality and are constantly up to date

In times of rapid digitalization, the frequency of updates for software products increases. At ZigWare, it is our aim to provide the latest updates to our clients promptly and in a speedy manner. Within the last six months, Brandic updates including additional functions were delivered to 30% of our clients.

As always, Brandic clients can count on the highest functionality level of our software products. Thanks to Brandic, efficiency rises across all locations, departments, and staff; and running costs decrease. At the same time, the quality of corporate documents rises, contributing to a higher recognition value of your company and its brands.

ZigWare keeps track of Microsoft

As certified Microsoft Gold Partner, ZigWare carefully follows current market trends as well as ongoing development of the #1 office software manufacturer Microsoft. At Microsoft, new product developments are currently emerging faster than ever before. Lately, the company launched Microsoft 365, which is a significant step towards SaaS and an even stronger commitment to cloud solutions.

ZigWare has been following the cloud trend for a long time. Clients will benefit in the near future from our latest product Brandic 365, which perfectly complements Microsoft 365 and Office Online.

Brandic 365: A new cloud solution emerges

More than 20 years ago ZigWare started automated standardization of individual corporate designs in Microsoft Office by developing the first expansions for PowerPoint. We are very proud that our product Brandic has been in use by countless clients ever since and feel a strong responsibility towards our users’ needs.

To offer clients excellent software products today and in the future, we are currently developing a new Brandic solution, building on our long-term experience and skills in the areas of document creation and templates.

What new and existing clients can expect

Brandic 365 is ready for launch and will be available for purchase starting in the fourth quarter of 2020. It complements our well-known product Brandic and supports the exciting possibilities of Office Online and Microsoft 365.

As Brandic 365 is an app, it will be easy to integrate into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Like the rest of our products, it streamlines the creation process of new, CI/CD conform documents. Furthermore, our focus lies with best possible usability and efficiency.

Brandic 365 for Windows, Mac and more

Brandic 365 will also be available as a web solution. As such, it will be quickly and continuously updated, providing clients with a complete and up-to-date set of functions at all times. This means that correct corporate documents are created with minimum time and effort.

As a first step, Brandic 365 will be available for both Windows and OSX (Mac). In a medium term, we plan to support additional platforms. We look forward to presenting Brandic 365 to new and existing clients shortly and would like to thank them for their continuous trust in our products and services.

Are you interested in Brandic 365 and would like to know more? Get in touch!